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Building state-of-art ledger technology into dual layers

Graphe Labs provides a dual-layer framework for phygital data recording and computing. Our primal layer is a directed acyclic graph (DAG), where physical transactions are digitized into nodes. On the dual layer, such nodes are confirmed and recorded into blockchain network.




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We are a pioneer, creating innovations of the layer 2 blockchain technology and applications, allowing instant transaction validation at a low cost. Using cutting edge applications of artificial intelligence, we provide a more efficient and secure way for transaction validation and confirmation, on- and off-chains, thanks to our dual-layer framework. Decentralized mobile computing and operations on the timestamped location data allows us to transmit validated data via mobile devices as oracle, simultaneously digitized on a DAG. This is followed by asynchronous updates on the blockchain layer when the transactions are valid.

Chain of Antichains

Chain of Antichains is an essential algorithm for the real-world data management. This is a blockchain consensus protocol for the nodes on a DAG to be recorded into the blockchain.

Smart Contract

Verifiable conditions with executable agreement for critical data updates.

Time & Location

Metrics computation by points and intervals of both time and location data.

Incentive System

Optimal rewards and fees are calculated based on computing power and network maintenance cost.


Decentralized mobile computing for transaction verification.

Blockchained Verified Phygital Data

Seamless data blending between physical and digital worlds

How do we get truthful information with transparency? Using our technology, partially ordered transactions in the real world can be securely recorded in real time onto the blockchain network in a total ordered system.

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