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Welcome to Graphe Labs

For a better solution to the Web 3.0 supply chain, we invented a dual layer blockchained DAG protocol for a seamless integration of physical and digital worlds. It is dual counterparts in two ways: one, DAG and blockchain structures, and two, physical and digital transaction data.


Built for you

We build a variety of Web 3.0 applications for more secure and efficient updates of critical information from both on- and off-chains.  Our cutting-edge technology, suitable for layer 2 applications, allows instant transaction validation at a low cost.

Web 3.0 network

Compelling experience through digital assets as NFTs. Leveraging distributed ledger to manage digital assets as NFTs, we provide efficient and secure tracking and data solution to establish a rich digital experience from manufacturers to customers, or for any peer-to-peer transactions.


Collection of geographic and temporal data from IoT devices will be followed by validation process, powered by artificial intelligence. Upon the verification by our A.I. validator, agreements of smart contracts will be automatically executed.


Using our technology, complicated transaction flows from the real-world supply chains can be captured in real time and securely digitized on DAG. Together with smart contract and A.I validator, only truthful information will be recorded in the Web 3.0 blockchain network system.

Submission complete!

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